Chain Reaction

Dutch photographer and blogger Kathalijne Van Zutphen has bestowed me with the accolade of ‘Stylish Blogger’ (along with a fine selection of others that I am proud to be rubbing shoulders with) and so I must complete the to-do list.

Before I do, let me just add that Kathalijne is a fellow music lover who has photographed the likes of Coco Rosie, Guy Buttery and Dirty Skirts – follow her blog Swimming Upstream for music, art and more.

It works as follows:
1. Nominees link back to the blogger that nominated them.
2. And then give the award, in turn, to a line up of newly found or loved bloggers of their own.
3. Let the nominated bloggers know about their little accolade.
4. And post 7 things about yourself.
Here goes.
Seven things about moi:
1. I’m a music nut. To the core, all out manic. I can’t and won’t listen to crap music, even if it is just in the background. I can pick up a beat from blocks away and I love passionate (fierce) music debates. Friends and family used to call me The Groupie. Music is my heart.
2. My teeth don’t touch. This makes eating certain things interesting – burgers, pizza, pastries. Probably a good thing.
3. I have a remarkably long tongue.
4. And I have a lisp, courtesy of points 2 and 3.
5. I once lived on a yacht, and I find the sleepy lull of a moving boat and the sounds of water lapping at the hull incredibly relaxing.
6. I can handle my chilli.
7. I have a thing for men with large noses, don’t ask me why.
8. (For luck!) I will work for Vogue.

I’m supposed to nominate FIFTEEN bloggers, but truth be told there are only a handful of local blogs that I actually follow, and I don’t want to break the circle by nominating someone from abroad.

These are my follow favourites:

1. Justine Stafford of ifor1 on the Aficionado blog
Justine writes with both humour and intelligence and I love contributing to her comments section because she is approachable and engaging. She always responds with insight and grace and I always like me a good, healthy debate.
I am a new Wear-oh-Where reader, but I am already impressed by Terri’s useful and bright blog – her cataloguing of all the city’s best buys and places to pop into are helpful and enlightening. She’s also the new owner of a Rah-Rah Room beauty, so she clearly has good taste (by way of Ms Alix-Rose Cowie, who gave the dress to her as a gift. Birds of a feather!)
Being a long copy writer myself, I am always drawn to bloggers that write article-style posts. Milli writes gutsy, well-worded posts, has distinctive personal style, and she loves Hedi Slimane. And I really don’t need more reason than that.
4. Kate Desmarais of Black Cherry
Kate and I (the two Kates?) both adore vintage and have a penchant for borderline-lelik black velvet 80’s headgear. But the main thing is that Kate’s eyes are always bright (with a touch of mischief) and she has an effervescent personality to boot. She posts things she loves, and that kind of passion is infectious.¬†Why wouldn’t you wanna read her blog?
Diana needs no introduction.

3 responses to “Chain Reaction

  1. woop thanks for the chain reaction! And totally with you on #7 and jealous of #5. Will check out your favorite bloggers. very cool
    And you totally *will* work for Vogue!!! xx

  2. Thank you for the shout out, will be working on my list of favourite bloggers today. x

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