Black Velveteen

* Bow head piece by DVOTIO
Black velvet. One of my biggest vices.
I spy its sensual telltale gloss from across a room and I have to touch it. The old world luxeness of a good velvet – not the overly plush, synthetic versions we find today – is irresistible.
An almost-black velvet blazer found at a vintage stall at the National Arts Festival, the colour perfect, conjuring images of little girls dresses with demure lace collars, navy uniforms, once-loved berets, plump glistening bows on heads and on toes… I’m a sucker for it.
Give me a black velvet vintage something and consider me yours. Well-worn waistbands, prim pillbox hats, lush Peter Pan collars, low-heeled velveteen pumps with a slight point to the toe and an exaggerated decollete.
Many of my favourite things are velvet – my little velveteen beaded sling bag on a chain strap, my black velvet men’s bowtie, my velvet twist of a turban.
Lush pre-Winter inspiration. (Yes, I’m already starting to think Winter, with my imminent London crash course, and the thought of boots that need homes.)

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