three two one

I wanted to devise a clever title for this post – something to do with Mememe being 3, TWO being 2, and missmillib being 1, but it refused to manifest! In any case, three two one is a good ‘n traditional countdown to something great and novel. Which is fitting, when you consider that the fashion forces listed above are collaborating on a new venture due to launch on the 1st of April.

Doreen Southwood of Capetonian success story Mememe is opening a new store in Parkhurst along with Milisuthando Bongela of Pulchritude and Gina and Caren Waldman of TWO. The store will also feature local wares from the likes of Selfi, Black Coffee, Take Care and the lovely Megan Fogarty of Oh Dear, Megan, so you know it’s bound to be good. Sounds like it’s going to be a frock store to reckon with.

Read the full details in the press release below. Definitely going to have to nip up to Jozi for a peek when things come to fruition!


One response to “three two one

  1. Oh, please do come Jozi!!! I will be your host my dear. It’s defintley owed!!

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