Girl Friday: Shala Monroque

Meet New York it-girl, Shala Monroque.

Never heard of her? Neither had I until I saw a great shot of her sitting front row at NYFW 2011.

Some quick research yielded a selection of some of the most inspiring outfits I’ve seen in a while – 50’s inspired full skirted bliss beamed up to diva heaven with urban turbans, Miu Miu madness and a slash of 90’s edge for good measure.

I love her style and the fact that she chameleons from one look to the next, always with attention paid to creating a sense of drama and narrative.

Shala is editor-in-chief of edgy creative magazine Pop (which once featured young Tavi Gevinson as its cover girl) and describes herself as a fashion enthusiast, writer and traveller. She is also an avid art lover, an interest that is surely encouraged / indulged by her partner, silver-haired art mogul Larry Gagosian.

Her idols, she lists as Diana Ross, Miuccia Prada, Nina Simone, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan. An eclectic list, to be sure. Her favourite city for shopping is Marrakech, which might explain the origins of some of her refreshingly unusual neckpieces and brights.

Check out Shala’s suitably edgy blog here.


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