Oh, Erdem!

Erdem’s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection makes my heart sing.
Tantalising slicks of psychedelic devore velvet, satin and velvet shoes as sleek and vivid as a bird’s belly… floor length dresses fit for rogue gypsy priestesses on the run, and a compelling chaos of prints and textures that has become synonymous with the Erdem name.
The velvet detailing just does me in. I was almost irritated when its telltale plushness began to appear on shins and shoulders, heralding a trend revival, because I always quite liked that most people thought it dowdy and were oblivious to its lush allure.
But this is different – another level of lush altogether.  Rohrschach printed blouses of ink blotted silk and satin, molten watercolour and irregular celestial beauty all over the show. Shift dresses, blouses, lightweight trenches, new wave she-suits and some show stopping evening dresses beamed down the catwalk and into my heart (and yours).
When I see things like this my faith in the world is restored. And I think IXNAY on those who extoll negativity and say things like there is no more originality in the world. And that everything is a reimagining of something that came before. Isn’t that the point? I think that’s what makes it all the more beautiful. That these prints, textures and shapes remind us other times, places and people.

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