This collection is actually from LFW Spring 2010, but I had never laid eyes on it until last week.

It’s by Australian designer Josh Goot, who won the Tiffany & Co Young Designer award in 2005, and who has since gone on to attract the attention of stylish girls like Isabel Lucas and Christine Centenera (Editor of Harper’s Australia).

His style is characterised by a real love of colour – acid brights, primary colour blocking and delightfully off-kilter sorbets. I read somewhere that our brains are automatically wired to react to colour – it has the ability to channel emotion, improve moods and generate calmness. And that’d explain why this collection makes me feel so buoyant! I wanna slip into dress number one and be the brightest go-go girl in the club.

Goot’s palette in this collection is like a perfect pinata explosion, filtered through harmoniously trippy geometric arrangements and retro-reminscent cuts.



One response to “Geometrique

  1. Dress number 3!! Tres bonne!

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