What is it with a leather skirt?

That modern emblem of rebellion, sex and sultriness. The slightest hint of sleaze. A million volts of electricity. A flash of firm white thigh as the legs uncross and then cross again. So many iconic bad girls have worn leather skirts. Madonna, Courtney Love, Debbie Harry, Cherie Currie. Rock goddesses, all. In possession of that animal potency and dark mystique that all iconic front women have. It’s not like you could imagine someone less hardcore wearing a leather skirt to its full effect. A Jessica Simpson, or a Nelly Furtado. Too clean, too coiffed and manicured. Leather takes lust. It takes wild eyes, skinny hips and a full mouth.

When I invested in a leather skirt online late last year, I had no idea of the hold that would develop. That it’d be the only thing I ever felt like wearing. Or that I would notice mens’ eyes seaming my lower half as I crossed the room, like something primal was stirred and the word and feel of it – ‘leather’ – had been beamed into their brains.

We’ve seen quite a lot of this lust for leather developing over the last little while – minis, maxis, swing skirts and pleats in grey, tan, chocolate and the classic, blackest black. A while back I did a post on Helmut Lang’s interesting marrying of leather with wool and other fabrics, and now we’re seeing leather in other unusual forms. Collars, scarves, sleeves and leggings are being fashioned from leather. I like the diversification of the fabric – the way it’s transitioned from something traditionally hard-wearing, practical and warm to being a big part of luxe feminine wear.

And it’s set to be big throughout Autumn and Winter, so start scouring vintage havens and malls alike for something leather to call your own! My leather skirt is from ASOS and it rocks. But some of the most authentically Blondie-esque leather and suede skirts I have ever seen were vintage. Well worn, soft, and, more than likely, historic to the previous owner.

And that’s what us fashion diehards are all after, isn’t it? Pieces that describe decades in our lives; that symbolise hot nights, long weeks, true love. I feel sure I’ll look back at this time, when I was young and daring enough and full of it, and see my leather skirt as an emblem of youth, desire and ambition.


3 responses to “Leatherette

  1. ‘and I’ll see my leather skirt as an emblem of youth, desire and ambition.’ KKKKKKAAATTTTEEEE!!!! Man, your writing is just getting better and better. Seriously som great words girly!

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