Grey T-shirt Love

I’m not a big fan of wardrobe staples.

I own one pair of jeans – found after  years of wading through overly embellished, overly stitched and spangled offenders. My cupboard is noticeably devoid of other useful basics – white t-shirts, monochrome cardigans and cotton vests are not things I am passionate about adding to my wardrobe.

Of course this comes with a significant downside: I can never just throw something on, and ‘simple’ just does not apply when it comes to dressing. Often, I find myself in a panicked moment wishing I had the perfect, elegantly slouchy white t-shirt to pair with denim cut offs and sandals for a bread-and-milk run. I have resigned myself to this convenient inconvenience.

But there is one staple to which I am forever devoted; the classic grey t-shirt. The grey t-shirt exists in a realm of its own. In my mind, it is only a distant relation of the white t-shirt, because it is infinitely cooler and at the same time comforting. That pliant grey cotton reminds me of perfectly worn boys’ t-shirts – slept in for years, the ultimate comfort. The subtle dapple and grain of the grey makes it extra easy to wear. I rely on my grey cotton t-shirts to dress down leather, sequins or anything metallic, because they always adds a slight rock coolness. The t-shirt that I’d wear with a leather skirt and heels is the exact same one I’d wear to go walking in, to go to work in and even to sleep in.

This is the diverse perfection of the classic grey t-shirt! My love of them runs so deep, that I recently bought a full set of grey t-shirt cotton linen for my bed – including pillow covers, duvet cover and fitted sheet. It’s literally like sleeping inside a giant grey t-shirt. My friend Olivia commented that when I bring boys home it will be ‘the ultimate clincher’, because, psychologically, they will feel at once comforted and reminded of their impassioned teen years. Pretty hilarious. But I’ve been sleeping like a baby. And my grey t-shirt love has been forever reaffirmed.

Hopefully this inspires you to break out your own grey marle!


3 responses to “Grey T-shirt Love

  1. I have the same set of linen! Fun isn’t it?

  2. I have been looking for a great heather grey “T-shirt” like duvet cover. What brand/where did you purchase your set?


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