I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to get my nose re-pierced.

During my first year at university, driven by a typically 17 year old desire to assert my new-found independence visibly (and possibly by the fact that I could pay for the piercing, surgical spirits and stud on my parents’ pharmacy account – double rebellion whammy!) I got a tiny diamante stud in my right nostril. I had it for three years and I loved it. Until every girl in Grahamstown started getting them. Disenchanted with the idea, I said farewell to my short-lived statement.

Since then, I have become periodically re-enticed by the idea of piercing. And I am particularly drawn to the idea of a silver loop, fitted snugly to the curve of my nose. I like the idea that it will add permanent edge to my outfit. Even if I am wearing a really feminine dress, there will always be this kind of jarring symbol of my love of all things dark and contrary.

Opinions gathered thus far on the matter have differed wildly. Friends with tattoos and piercings of their own are mostly all for it, except for one, who asked me if I wanted to look like a cow. I gently explained that I didn’t have the Kelis bovine version in mind (much as I actually like it), but she stood her ground. Will it go down well at work? Do I care? Is my democracy/freedom of expression rant strong enough to contend with the likes of the corporates and conventionalists? Will it scar?

And why am I asking all of these damn questions? I think it might be because the rebellion is over. It’s been and gone. And now it’s more about me than it is about other people and their reactions.

Growing up? I expect so.



3 responses to “Risque

  1. Think it will look great. You have a very feminine aesthetic so it will be a nice contrast. Rock ‘n roll glam! DO IT!

  2. I say GO FOR IT! You’re not going to be able to pull it off forever – as much as I love a bit of a groovy granny with Golden Girls quaffed white hair and a sneaky tattoo, the geriatric nose piercing is not something I think I can envisage.
    So do it while your young and frivolous and irreverence is expected 🙂

  3. To the comment up above me . . .Lenny Kravitz is in his 40s and can still rock the heck out of a nose ring. Age doesn’t matter.

    I find it crazy that people discuss being “rebellious” and “edgy” yet lean on their friend advices or criticisms.I say if you are really a free-thinker go for it. I was searching for the septum piercing or the one your friend says looks like a cow (which she is wrong because bull would be more technical) lol. And I don’t care what anyone thinks I love the little ring wrapped around the septum and the septum piercing is easier to hide. Zoe Kravitz has a nice septum piercing as well for more reference than just Kelis. As for the hoop you want, yes it would be hard to pull off in the corporate world because it isn’t as easy to hide as the septum. A septum can be flipped up or you can wear a retainer to work.

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