Don’t hate me…

I felt too bad to include these in my previous vintage post, simply because they are overwhelming all on their own. I apologise in advance for the envy that is sure to follow…

Yes. Not one, not two, but THREE vintage Hermes scarves. Silk, printed and in mint condition. And mine.

An incredibly generous friend of my mom’s, Pam, unveiled them before me this weekend, and I actually gasped. Scarves like these sell for 200 Euros and up a piece. And they are a symbol of the kind of dressing that is almost a forgotten art. If you know your vintage and/or your fashion, you’ll know exactly why I am so humbled. I once read that Josie Borain’s biggest indulgence is her collection of Hermes scarves – an emblem of luxury, quality and tradition.

Pam told me how she and her Joburg friends used to dress in head-to-toe Jaeger and Hermes. Over the years, she gradually got rid of things piece by piece, a fact that drove a little Jaeger-shaped thorn into my side. Pam managed classic womens’ department store, Derber’s Furriers & Couturiers, during its hey day, and she has the kind of appreciation born of years of being surrounded by beautiful things and oldworld craftsmanship. These Hermes classics are emblematic of her great taste.

I am beyond honoured and feel so, so lucky to call them my own. Expect to see them all over my person in the coming months – head scarves, neck scarves, as belts, on bags, and around wrists! I have draped them artfully around my neck and laid them out on my bed at least a dozen times already today.

This – is love.


5 responses to “Don’t hate me…

  1. This time it’s personal girl!!!!!!

    You are a lucky, lucky girl. I think you should consider a Rah! Rah auction??????? xxx


  3. Very VERY jealous!

  4. Absolute bitch!!!!so jealous!!!

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