Nowness: Advanced Style

Nowness is one of my favourite resources for inspiration.

Their narratives explore all different aspects of luxury and style, and often yield surprising and moving insights about the world we live in.

This short film, Advanced Style, is a visual ode to older women and icons that adore clothing and fashion; who exude a passion for sartorialism that is infectious, and whose collections of clothing are nothing short of miraculous. Nowness calls it a ‘Lesson in Sartorial Splendour’.

And splendour is the perfect word. These women are like exotic birds – eccentric, essential, addicted. They urge younger women to ‘go start playing’ when it comes to fashion, to dress according to mood and whim, and to ‘not sweat it’ when it comes to growing older. It builds character. I hope to be a fraction as fabulous as the woman that says this from behind her epic sunglasses and from beneath an outlandish hat.

The film is directed by Lina Plioplyte and produced by Ari Seth Cohen, photographer and founder of the Advanced Style blog, an ongoing tribute to older women with style. There are clearly many lessons for younger women to learn – lessons about living, dressing and not taking things too seriously.

Read a short interview with Cohen on the film here.


3 responses to “Nowness: Advanced Style

  1. I’ve been following your blog (and love it) since someone posted it on Garance Dore’s. Lina Plioplyte is a dear friend, and what a lovely surprise to see her work featured here! Check out a little piece on her own amazing fashion sense here:


    • Wow, thanks so much!

      Lina has such great style – quirky and distinctive, I love it. Very interested to hear that someone posted my blog on Garance Dore’s blog?!? Thanks for the link, I love the site and the name Backyard Bill. Very cute. x and o

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