Way cool

A very large picture of me, yes. But with good reason!

My blog and my Rah-Rah have received some great coverage recently. 

Local blog I heart your outfit, run by the lovely and talented Emily Pettit-Coetzee and Liza-Jayne West, gave the Rah-Rah Room a little love last week – check it out here.

And then I was interviewed by one of my favourite magazines, VISI, to be profiled on their blog. I have to say it: stoked! To me, VISI is worldclass,  stylish and a benchmark for other local magazines. I was interviewed by Remy Raitt, and she said some really cool things about me, my love of vintage and my future plans to infiltrate Vogue. Check the full post (and this  rather large picture of me) out here. VISI have just relaunched their blog, and it rocks. Follow them.


5 responses to “Way cool

  1. Congratulations! VISI is a magazine which I have a lot of respect for, well done!

  2. you look amazing xx congrats

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