Top Deck

I’m so taken with these Spring 2011 Prada platform oxfords.

They combine a classic shape with some serious rockabilly attitude, and I love the mixing of mediums – leather with foam and rubber. The unisex aspect is also really cool. And boys in platforms? I like it. They remind me of a pair of dress shoes I saw recently – leather wingtips with a glossy cerulean slick of a sole that looked like it was made of vinyl.

It’s kind of like that amusing old adage ‘business in the front, party in the back’, except it’s top and bottom, and there are no mullets involved (Amen).


6 responses to “Top Deck

  1. i simply cannot get on board with this! brogue on top + espadrille in the middle + flip flop sole on bottom? no no no.

    • The Twitter community is very much divided – and more people are on your side than mine 😉 But I will ALWAYS be a sucker for anything vaguely rockabilly-esque. To me these combine the rockabilly coolness of something like a Daddy O’s swing sneaker, with the classic dapperness of a brogue. They definitely call for some serious attitude. And I love it!

  2. Going to have to give this a thumbs down. Hubby and I were giggling over these last night 😉

  3. I have to say – YUK!

  4. Not into the guys’ but I love them on the female model. Remind me of Spice shoes.

    Spice Girlz 4 Eva.

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