Ever since the recent and fortuitous advent of this pair of perfect vintage Crockett & Jones shoes making their way into my life, I have become a little obsessed with men’s shoes on women.

When I wear them I feel like such a tomboy, and I love the contrast of their sturdy, well-worn clunkiness with a printed frock or a diaphanous silk blouse. It feels like I could walk anywhere; like I could jump in puddles, click my heels together and tap my toe jauntily. They’re as perfect for skipping as they are for striding.

These metallic babies by Raf Simons for Doc Martens caught my eye whilst browsing men’s shoes online. I have always been a sucker for metallic shoes, in particular for that ghetto shade of yellow gold that adds an element of circus and ceremony to an outfit. The tri-colour metallic hightops are also unbelievable – the classic Doc shape, gilded.



2 responses to “Golden.

  1. The C&J are awesome – quite a sensation you find stuff like that in CT – i though it to be a complete desert for any descent menswear

    • I actually found them in my hometown, Knysna, but there is definitely decent vintage menswear to be found in Cape Town – you just need to know where to look 😉

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