Girl Friday: Nine d’Urso

My Girl Fridays are without doubt the most regularly popular posts that I write, despite the fact that they are actually not all that regular.

To be honest, it’s because I don’t really enjoy blogging about celebrities. To me, celebrity does not equal fashion, nor style. Celebrities are just as susceptible to trends and cases of fashion misjudgement as us commoners.

Only in very rare cases do I truly admire celebrity style, as is the case with fashion non-conformists such as Chloe Sevigny, Helena Christensen, Eva Fontanelli and Shala Monroque (some of my previous Girl Fridays). And today’s Girl Friday, Nine d’Urso, is another Girl Friday in the making.

Already being hailed as the epitome of the contemporary Parisienne, Nine’s sharp-jawed, sloe-eyed beauty can be linked directly to her mother. The daughter of Karl Lagerfeld muse and supermodel Ines de la Fressange, Nine inherited more than just her mom’s good looks. She also inherited Ines’ unmistakably French sense of style – a devotion to good quality basics and excellent cuts.

Nine is set to become the face of Bottega Veneta’s very first fragrance later this year. Keep an eye out for this 17 year old beauty!


2 responses to “Girl Friday: Nine d’Urso

  1. She is gorgeous. Loving her style

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