Stranger in a Strange Land

This exquisite shoot, fittingly entitled ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’, was featured in Vogue Nippon in 2008. I stumbled upon it this weekend, and with my imminent trip to London and Turkey (one week today!), I feel that it’s quite apt.

Featuring the eerily beautiful Carmen Kass, photographed by Yelena Yemchuk and styled by Anastasia Barbieri, the spread is a visually delightful culture clash. Alongside couture gowns and headgear, the traditional geisha kimonos actually look at home. They are as ornate, if not more beautifully constructed. The Western couture pieces attain an Oriental dimension with the inclusion of unusual head pieces and origami-like folds.
I am beyond excited for my own adventure to a foreign land. In all honesty, though, London is as foreign to me Istanbul. Even though friends have been telling me how at home I will feel there for years, the very mention of escalators criss-crossing endlessly down towards the underground is enough to raise my eyebrows.
And Istanbul?
I have decided to go completely unmoderated by influence – no research, no Lonely Planet guides, just pure, plain exploration. Indeed a stranger in a strange land. The idea of trundling unknown avenues, tasting new things and absorbing different textures is a dream, filtered through Travel Channel snippets, half-remembered pieces of music and glassy blue evil-eyes.


5 responses to “Stranger in a Strange Land

  1. Just came across this blog entry under Freshly Pressed. Really beautiful photos – they have the pastel elegance of a Ladurée macaroon – and definitely apt for Istanbul given the east-meets-west theme. I see you are going there free-style – the best way to travel. If you change your mind, my little list might be of interest. ( Maybe you would let us know if you come up with exciting fashion stuff in Istanbul…?

    • You just became my unofficial tour guide! Cannot wait to check out Beyoglu & Babylon! I am bookmarking your blog to take with me on my travels 🙂 If you ever need an unofficial Capetonian or Garden Route Afrique du Sud tourguide, I am your girl.

      PS: Impressive list of clientele. I like.

    • And my most specific meandering mission in Istanbul is to find its hidden fashion secrets – vintage & new alike. I will gladly share my findings with you.

  2. What a shoot! Love love love it!

  3. Hello, thank you! We’re very flattered – and you’ve inspired us to write up our list of Istanbul hotels. (We’ve been procrastinating, but it should be up in a day or two.) Would love to hear what you get up to in Istanbul – and you definitely sound like the go-to girl for Cape Town. Let’s stay in touch! 🙂

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