Okay. You may be thinking I am obsessed, but at least I’ll admit it. I thought I’d go watch this video just one last time, and then I thought, what if there are other people that still haven’t watched it?

If you missed my Steed Lord lust the first (or second or third) time round, here it is again.

Epic style. And this morning’s Susie Bubble Reykjavik inspiration, plus this video have got me researching Iceland in a big way.


One response to “Junkie

  1. Hi..I have been hunting around for a leather skirt and suddenly, there you where and this amazing website. I love ‘landing’ on new favorites. Why am I commenting, well I’d just have too and just say: we share the same ‘style’ and I love velvet too, in fact 2 yrs ago I did a entire velvet jacket collection, everyone looked at the pieces, velvet..hmm..(I was too early as that should be anything negative:-)well, anyways..would you like to be on my Blogroll if I can be on yours? Stop by and tell me what your think (fairly new but getting there) xx Alice (aka V)

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