Susie Bubble remains my favourite fashion blogger, for the simple fact that she actually writes.

True fashion journalism, in my opinion, is an endangered art. Sure, many more fashion lovers are taking to the web with opinions, pictures and observations, but there are few that hold true to copy-driven posts. Although I am still a real magazine devotee, and find nothing more relaxing and indulgent than spending a few hours poring over a Vogue whilst lying on my bed, feet up, it is merely the truth that more and more writers are turning to blogs as their medium.

I really believe in maintaining a journalistic standard, though, and to me, Susie achieves this daily. Couple this with her innate impishness and hedonistic style, and you get an uber-productive, creative and inspiring writer who writes like old, but lives and thinks like new. I love it. I love that she travels to far-flung places and researches designers, methods of production, fabrics and stitching. And that her approach to clothing and fashion is at once reverent and irreverent.

Her recent trip to Iceland is a great example of her hands-on immersion in the worlds and minds of designers. Whilst in Reykjavik, she spent some time at a colourful little store called Kron, run by two equally bright personalities, Hugrun and Magni.

Featuring an epic selection of playful, outlandish shoes from Sonia Rykiel, to Tsumori Chisato, to Marc by Marc Jacobs, the store is a candy-hued playground of things to look at. Their own label, Kron by KronKron, is the highlight. Shoes like you’ve never seen before – a delightful hybrid of Dr Seuss shapes meets Marie Antoinette ruffles and harmoniously incongruous colour. And with hosiery to match – legs seamed in candy-coloured strata and cross stitch cool.

With an overwhelming selection of colours and styles, it would be hard to choose a pair of Krons to call my own, but this is what Susie went with.

She also gave a sneak peek at their range of Victorian-inspired velvet dresses. And you know how I feel about velvet.

Inspiring stuff, huh? Check out the full story here.


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