I really bought a lot of things while I was overseas. So much so that I started to feel like a bit of a greedy guts. My whole life I’ve maintained that ‘one can never have too many dresses’, but I was most unaccustomed to buying so many things at once, and it lead to guilt. Which led to retail therapy. Which led to guilt. Which led to an empty purse. But at least I have some pretty things to show for my efforts… I have chosen to start with the accessories.

First things first – this psychedelic Istanbul-inspired bag, which I found amidst fake Chanel t-shirts, cellphone accessories and piles of artichokes at an open air bazaar. I had just told Laura that the market was full of ‘crap’, when my eyes alit on its perfectly kitsch form. It was the only one and it cost me 10 Lira (about R40). The salesman thought it amusing that I wanted it and then proceeded to try sell me soap and a jacket. Love at first sight!

These black suede platforms from Topshop are my piece de resistance. Sky high, über clunky and dangerous as all hell, I had to have them. I broke one during their debut in London, and this is the gleaming pair that Topshop kindly replaced their predecessors with. I forced myself to wear them to Black Ram on Friday night, for fear that if I didn’t just bite the bullet I might never wear them again. I’m not sure which would be more painful – a broken ankle, or the fact that the shoes themselves would be broken. My brother has already professed his hatred for them, and says they remind him of the Spice Girls. Fond memories.

I also came home with three pairs of sunglasses. The epic Jackie O’s and the tortoiseshell John Lennons were found at a vintage grotto inIstanbul. I seized them immediately upon entering the shop, and clutched them ever tighter when my travel companion, Laura, told me that she’d take them if I didn’t. Sorry dear, but they are all mine! The nude chunklets are from Topshop and I love their gleaming caramilk vibe. They are accompanied by two little Mexican La Muerta madams that my BFF Katy bought for me on her South American travels. I love them – perfectly macabre ladies to add to my skull collection.

I bought this sweet little bag at Spitalfields in London. It looks like a miniaturised doctor’s bag, is super well made, chunky and only cost £10.

This leather bow cuff/bracelet is a Topshop buy that I just love. I’ve never owned or worn a cuff, and this is a nice feminine version.

I spotted these moss green vintage Harrods brothel creepers in the window of Absolute Vintage and I had to have them. Truth be told, they’re ever so slightly too small and they make my toes ache, but the shade of green is Winter-perfect, and I love the suede laces. Absolute Vintage is a law unto itself when it comes to vintage, and I was so overwhelmed that I actually bought next to nothing. I needed a good three hours in there.

Another new favourite – decadent tasselled earrings courtesy of Topshop. I love the tortoiseshell and the black together – they belong on a sultry 60’s chanteuse. Or on me.

Red and gold leather bag – another Istanbul vintage find – the perfect size for an evening out, and a nice injection of colour into any outfit.

This dramatic navy necklace was another South American gift from Katy. I wear a lot of navy and gold, and I love the contrast between the soft, stacked fabric and the glossy beads.

My new favourite thing – a ring unearthed at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. The Grand Bazaar is basically tourist paradise, and it is subsequently filled with a lot of fake stuff, including jewellery that is new masquerading as old. I looked at just about every ring in the joint before I fell in love with this. It looks like an old resin letter seal, and I love theRomanesque cameo motif.

Just in case you forgot what I look like, here I am, in my new wooden Topshop necklace, which I love. I love chunky statement pieces with a playfulness to them – something childlike, homefangled or really humorous.

I’d like to think a three week holiday has left me glowing and rejuvenated, but I can’t be sure. At the very least, I found being surrounded by new things to see, hear and feel extremely inspiring. And it was nice to think simply about what we might eat that day, or where our feet might take us, or whether we should order the largest draught of Efes beer on the menu, or be moderate and go for the 750ml baby.

Clothes to follow soon!


6 responses to “Frosting

  1. AAAAH! The istanbul bag. so beautiful. Great shoes! Great jewelery! Great everything! Can’t wait to see the clothes

  2. There is not a single item in this post that I do not covet with my whole heart!!!
    PS I know where you live… and if anything disappears its not me…

  3. I love those Topshop shoes. Spice Girls be dammed!

  4. Wow! Such amazing buys! I enjoyed reading your informative posts about shopping in Istanbul. It’s exactly the kind of posts I want to read. Shopping is a very important part of going on holiday overseas!

    • Thanks 🙂 I am planning on a few more when I get the chance – art-related and also to do with the Istanbul nightlife, which was ongelooflik. I liked your post on the Hermanus Hospice – they always have such great stuff, but I’m never there when they’re open. Catch 22 when it comes to obscure little second hand places!

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