Great Stock!

The sudden onset of dark-as-midnight mornings and chillier weather has me lusting after some quirksome hosiery. I’ve always been a devotee of unusual stockings and socks, and often envy girls that are able to combine them in interesting ways successfully. The wrong shoes, wrong dress and wrong mixture can leave you looking like an experiment rather than an eccentric.

These two-tone Chanel stockings from 2008 are still a firm favourite of mine, as are Kron‘s sherbet dipped ladders of delight (which I spoke about here). I could really, really do with a pair of each! Monochrome polka dots are also on my list.

While I was in London I bought a few cool pairs – some excellent leopard print stockings from H&M (not tacky leopard: super sleek, subversive leopard) and a pair of ultra-matte lavender ones from Topshop, which I plan to pair with my new platforms as soon as I find the right dress to complete the ensemble. I also stocked up on 120 denier plain black Topshop tights, which apparently last forever, and which are made for tall girls like me.

I usually end up squeezing into too-small torturers that were not built for long legs, laddering them on the first wear (without fail) and getting that chronic leg itch that comes with cheap tights. No more. Country Road, if you’re interested, also does a really good pair of stockings in a thick denier – pricey, but worth the longevity they provide, especially if, like me, you’re prone to catching them on corners of desks and other stocking-seducing objects.

While on the hunt for some outlandish tights, I discovered these, by Les Queues de Sardines, and I am smitten. They are delightfully macabre and fun – I especially love the pink ones with the eyes – they look like crybaby totems! And also the butchery-inspired ones, which are aptly named ‘Pieces de Boucherie’.

Les Queues de Sardines hosiery is stocked all over the world – in London you can find them at Selfridges.


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