Hot Butter

I’m taking my sweet damn time getting round to showing off all my Istanbul purchases, but I’d prefer that it happens organically in any case. As it happens, one of main aims whilst ‘abroad’ (as the more affected amongst us prefer to call it) was to track down a pair of wearable Winter boots to call my own – sturdy, medium heels in an easy style and colour; something to replace last year’s well-worn Country Road anklets.

I had a pair of Chelsea boots with a Cuban heel in mind, either in brown or black suede. I did find a few, but nothing to write home about. Sadly, I arrived in London when nothing but the real dregs were left over, and they weren’t even cut-price dregs. I came back to Cape Town resigned to the fact that I’d probably end up spending more money than I could afford on a pair that everyone else already had…

That little omen only came slightly true – I spent a really well-priced R350 on these super comfortable babies at Woolworths yesterday. And I’m happy, even if the rest of country is probably wearing them. In fact, I saw a woman wearing them in the parking lot while I was walking back to my car. At the very least, they caught my eye.

As I said, I’m getting round to revealing my purchases in a laidback kind of a way, which is quite fitting, if you have a look at what I wore on Sunday. This buttery little cableknit jersey was a Mango purchase in Istanbul that works really well with navy prints. It’s reassuringly heavy and chunky, and I consider it a personal statement – my mom had to eat her ‘you look sallow in yellow’ adage when she saw it. Olivia thinks I look like a hunchback in this photo and had a little moan about the turquoise bomber in the background. Luckily for me, yellow and turquoise are complementary colours.

Another cut-price Mango purchase was this grey suede waterfall jacket. The best thing about it is the zips on the cuffs, which allow you to fold it up a little, revealing another cuff or colour. It’s my first suede jacket, and I must admit I’m struggling to find the right shapes to wear with it. I’m really not a ‘simple t-shirt under a jacket’ kind of a girl, so I live my life in a state of perpetual outfit difficulty.

People say ‘just put on jeans’ or ‘just throw on a cardigan’ and I visibly recoil. Easing into the Winter layering is also proving to be a challenge, with my consistent lack of layering basics becoming a real day-to-day hindrance. I’d love to hit Trenery or Woolies for the Reggies Rush of basics stock ups, but I do secretly delight in being so high maintenance when it comes to dressing. And in opening my clost to reveal a marked lack of bland, easy-to-wear basics.

Catch 22?



3 responses to “Hot Butter

  1. i love the suede!!! beautiful colour.

  2. Samantha Brauns

    You look stunning! Love the cable knitwear and the the colour looks gorgeous on you!

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