Rose Rouge

Images courtesy of The Sartorialist and Jak & Jil 

Red is big this Winter, and I’ve been loving all these little hints of ruby, merlot and maroon cropping up on cuffs, collars and lips (always lips). I’ve never been a huge ruby wearer because, in my opinion, too much red next to my complexion makes me look like I’m about to break into a flamenco. All I’d need is a pair of castanets and I’d be in business.

My MAC Russian Red, however, is my consistent concession to the powerful allure of red. I carry it on me at all times and it makes me feel like myself. While I was in London I surprised myself by being seduced by three all-out red items. It started with a pair of crayon-red tapered pants at Topshop – here they are in 3d glory:


Before I knew it I had a fuzzy little red letterman jacket and a very sexy red stripe stashed away in my luggage.

The stripe was on sale at H&M and it was the last one – a tight, long-sleeved dress to just below the knee; broad red and cream stripes, a criss-crossed back and a Dita Von Teese-esque shape. Risque, but it was only £10. And for some reason I was clearly craving red – a daring ruby flash in the middle of all the Winter drabness, perhaps?


One response to “Rose Rouge

  1. im loving reds, burgundy and maroon colours too. Such great shades to go with all my black and grey this winter.

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