I found this June 2010 editorial whilst browsing through old Vogue Nippon images last night, and thought it pretty appropriate, considering we are currently in real Gemini territory, astrologically speaking.

I’m not a starsign diehard, but I do make the Sunday Times horoscope my Sabbath ritual, and really revel in it when it rings true. I am also a committed Cancerian. After many years of resisting the urge to slot into any kind of mould, I was forced to concede that my temperament and tastes are indeed characteristic of a typically Cancerian shape. Destined to be hypersensitive, home-loving, sentimental and über romantic, as well as in possession of an eye for the unsual (my favourite part). So far this year my starsign has been spot on – career changes, huge opportunities and recognition have all rung true, and in various ways. I have also befriended some fellow Cancerians of late, something which, in the past, was a rarity.

But I digress. Enormously so. This shoot, featuring models Sigred Agren and Patricia van der Vliet, was photographed by Glen Luchford, and I love the huge spectrum of styles. Each image is like its own archetype – the courtesans, the coquettes, the virgins, the vixens. And this, in itself, plays right back into the title of this post, Gemini.

The legend of the constellation Gemini has always held a special fascination for me. I was once doing research and I came across it – the story of two brothers in Greek mythology, Castor and Pollux. Such fascinating names. Born to the same mother but different fathers (one of them Zeus), Pollux was immortal and Castor, mortal. When Castor died, Pollux asked Zeus to allow him to share his immortality with his twin. And so the constellation, Gemini, was born.

Beautiful, huh? I find the twin archetype – so potent in literature, psychology and pop culture – to be particularly interesting. To be so connected to someone that shares your face, and in many cases, your life and your tastes?

A surreal thought. Especially for a fiercely individualistic Cancerian.


3 responses to “Gemini

  1. So interesting! Clearly I need to review my Greek mythology, I love the stories.

    I also love that white dress in the third picture!
    gilead in bloom

  2. Don’t forget your Gem friends! I’m in Cape Town for my birthday next week. Keep Friday night open for dinner and some more fun! Mwah xxxx

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