Girl Friday: Vanessa Paradis

I spent last night paging through Marie Claire‘s June issue, the Earth Issue. Their feature on Johnny’s long-time girl and all-round beauty, Vanessa Paradis, had me hearkening back to her early hit, ‘Joe le taxi’ (which you may be lucky enough to catch on VH1 once in a blue moon).

Featuring a 16 year Vanessa in über 80’s jeans and a sweatshirt, her trademark gap temptingly on display, the video catapulted her to fame (and a measure of notoriety, for the simple fact that her deeply 1980’s gyration had some eyebrows raised). Despite this Lolita-esque start, Vanessa has had huge success in France with her singing career since, and is, to date, one of the country’s most successful female singer songwriters.

She was the face of Chanel’s Coco fragrance in the 90’s, and her friendship with Karl Lagerfeld led to another recent collaboration with the iconic fashion house as the face of Chanel’s new Rouge Coco lipstick (see videos below).

Despite being really just impossible beautiful, she also comes across as both eloquent and lyrical in the Marie Claire feature. Fiercely private about her and Johnny’s reclusive life on a farm in France, she refuses to let on when questioned about their relationship, stating that she finds him ‘truly magnificent’. Well, um, so do we… but I also loved her descriptions of him – how she loves to watch him talk to people, think, puzzle over something, muse.

I found her way with words so gentle and considered. She has a truly lyrical quality to her, a seamless fit for her flyaway locks, dreamy eyes and willowy ways. And her style is the perfect compliment to this aesthetic – earthy, dreamy, sometimes with a slightly gothic edge – never trendy, always timeless. Timeless, as in, not of any particular era – a style unto itself.


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