I awoke this morning to a gleaming little surprise in my inbox – the article I wrote about Gregor Jenkin for Schön! some months ago was finally published.

I collaborated with talented photographer, Brett Rubin, who originally shot these images (with styling by Wanted magazine’s editor, Gary Cotterell) for Wanted. The article is a snapshot look at Gregor’s aesthetic and his interest in returning to old methods of creation and manufacture. The ‘wildebeest’ tables pictured in the images are from an installation entitled ‘Migrant/Migrate’, which I find both barren and beautiful – compelling combination. Have a look a the article as it appeared in Schön! below:

A great start to the weekend, and I also received some really exciting news yesterday about a fashion-related job offer. I’m not ready to divulge all the details yet, but suffice is to say it comes pretty close to being my dream job. Thank you universe!

[You can have a look at my previous article for Schön! – also in collaboration with Brett the great – here]


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  1. SUPER STAR !!!!

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