Last week was an exciting, lucky, crazy week for me. I resigned from my job, made it through a pretty intense interview and rounded up the week with an amazing offer to take up a contract as an online fashion editor at one of the country’s most well known media houses. I also hosted a dinner party, renewed my driver’s licence, went on a date, made it through my first Bikram yoga class and… won a watch! A strange series of events, culminating in this stylish little blonde.

I won her through a competition on 10&5 in collaboration with WeWood, a new watch label that has just been brought to South Africa by two young guys with a penchant for great timepieces. Now, I haven’t worn a watch since about 1998, when, aged 12, I became inseparable from a metallic silver Storm watch with a blue bubble for a face. Oh so 90’s, oh so Space Station (for those that also fell prey to its glass counter crammed with bubblegummy wares and Hello Kitty mania). For years I’ve relied on my cellphone and patient friends to tell me the time, a direct result of which is my trademark lateness, which I choose to think of as endearing. My new blonde is thus both an upgrade and a welcome respite from the constant rooting around in the depths of my handbag for my phone.

On Saturday I trundled on down to the brand new WeWood store in Woodstock to make my selection. The bright, breezy premises are adjacent to the old Albert Hall (now a treasure trove of collectibles and curiosities – go check it out!) and just a skip away from Superette and its luscious brownies. Owner Michael Rowlinson helped me select my blonde from the artfully displayed mix of digital and analog WeWoods draped all over the show. I was briefly tempted by the darker varietals, for practical reasons, but lust prevailed and I walked away this – a bleach blonde eco warrior of a watch!

Crafted almost entirely from wood, WeWoods are light, durable and a serious talking point. Since I put it on on Saturday I’ve had a number of people comment on its novel appearance. And I must admit that it makes me feel instantly more practical, with its reassuringly chunky links and notched dial. For every WeWood bought, a tree is planted.

Cool, huh?


3 responses to “Blonde

  1. too curious. For what media house will you be online fashion editor? sounds great. Congrats!

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