Hermes x Vans

In the process of my customary Hermes admirathon, I came across these custom-made Vans, which were crafted from classic Hermes le Carrés. Created by Vans as a custom range for stylist Robert Verdi, they bring street luxe to a whole new level.

The classic Vans loafer shape is not my favourite – so often it looks a little downtrodden and emo – but these are just too bespoke to ignore. Before you get too excited, I’ll just put it out there that they are not, in fact, the result of an official collaboration between the high end fashion house, and the high street label. Even with the likes of Lanvin dabbling with H&M, I think Hermes for Vans would be a bit too eccentric a pop culture mash up.

Either way, I love the inventiveness. I can totally see them peeking out from beneath a pair of tux trousers at a rockabilly wedding, perhaps alongside a pair of darling Westwood for Melissa’s heart of hearts. Collaboration cool.


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