If you have Mnet Stars you’ll have noticed the frequent screening of Brooke Shields classic The Blue Lagoon that they’ve been gracing us with of late. And if you’ve ever taken the time to watch The Blue Lagoon, you will have been completely sideswiped by Brooke Shields’ ridiculous, unearthly beauty at the age of 12. Lithe-limbed, aqua-eyed, flaxen-haired and graceful, she of the ultimate statement brows was a goddess from day one.

Eyebrows are an accessory unto themselves. A well-defined, well-arched brow can really elevate a look and, as strange as it sounds, make your look more high fashion. By the same token, a pair of over- or under-plucked brows can be frightening and unstylish. Truly. If you get it wrong, you may end up looking either permanently surprised, or in possession of a small pair of matching pipe cleaners.

A couple of years ago I become completely unenamoured with my own naturally diminutive brows. In protest, I took a vow to not pluck or shape until they had grown back into themselves – until they had matured. And it really worked. It may sound silly, but I grew myself a pair (if not to Brooke Shield proportions) of rather handsome brows. I keep them dark and glossy with regular tinting, plucking and minimal shaping. They have a naturally high arch, of which I am proud. I routinely find myself checking out other peoples’ brows and find myself drawn to both men and women in possession of bold brows. They lend an air of distinction.

These old images of Brooke really do demonstrate the definition and style that a strong pair of brows gives to a look.


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