De Stijl

On the 25th of June I turn 25. My crown birthday. I feel sure that there is something celestial going on at the moment, because there is a strange symmetry in my life – as if things are aligned. All signs point to my 25th year. And because I so believe in kismet, I am choosing to think that the next year is going to be an historic one.

Friends and family have been asking me what I would like for said birthday. The truth is, I don’t need anything to speak of. Not a gadget, garland or a gravy boat (well, actually, I don’t have a gravy boat…) But that doesn’t mean I don’t want anything.

What do I want?

I want a 1965 Yves Saint Laurent Mondrian-inspired shift dress, please. I have always had a penchant for the De Stijl movement’s bold, primary clash, and the simple harmony of geometry, symmetry and asymmentry… and it seems a fitting gift for the sudden alignment of the planets in my own personal solar system.

Will trade soul for De Stijl.


3 responses to “De Stijl

  1. Hmmmmm, maybe if you complete a Rubik’s cube in record time one will magically appear? Good luck 🙂 PS, I bought Kurt a De Stijl inspired t-shirt the otehrday, to add to his curio-curious wordrobe, and he looks very cool!

  2. Holy cats. It’s my 25th birthday on June 25th. Happy Birthday from Canada. Thanks for the entertaining posts.

    • Ooh la, happy birthday to you too! I feel that this whole crown birthday thing should be extra special and fateful – do you? Thanks for reading & for the sweet comment. x

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