This week has been so crazy that a Friday is the first time I am finding to blog. Unheard of. My lack of blogging this week has made me a little panicky, like I haven’t gotten my fix, and I have subsequently developed a little eye twitch. I’m quelling the freak out with lots of green tea, lots of Yeasayer, lots of self-reassurance and a little red wine in between.

You may or may not know that I have just been appointed Online Fashion Editor at 36Boutiques. Until further notice, the position is temporary, so that is why I haven’t hightailed to the top of Tjing-Tjing and shouted it to the city bowl… but, truth be told, it’s pretty much a dream come true. To be paid to write about fashion, archive legions of runway pics, put looks together and muse over things like silk lining, paisley and Cape Town’s upcoming fashion week is almost too much for me.

My blog played a huge role in my being awarded the position, so I must thank all who periodically come back and read my fashion rhapsodies on this here page. To have the word ‘editor’ next to my name gives me a perverse little shiver of delight. Editor, I murmur to myself, raise an eyebrow. I feel a renewed duty to look edgy and noteworthy about town. Should I wear clunky statement jewellery all the time and have permanently scarlet lipsticked lips and talk about fashion designers like I’ve known them all my life? I actually already do all of those things. Which I think is pretty funny, actually. I was born flamboyant.

My work with 36Boutiques, I must add, will remain entirely separate from my blog. The Pessimiss is a place for my fashion musings, rants, opinions and self indulgent self-pics. Working with 36Boutiques is an opportunity to realise my lifelong ambition of living and working in fashion – a chance to work and collaborate with other fashion diehards, and people I’ve admired for some
time now. It’s a chance to bring my musings to life.

So! Keep reading, because (despite my pitiful efforts this week) I will still be blogging about my velvet fetish, full skirts, leather lust, digital prints, vintage mania, red lips, bondage apparel, statement jools, icons and handwashing woes.

And on occasion, boys with beards/curls/bold brows/rockabilly hair.

And Interpol.

[Image: Jak & Jil]


3 responses to “Sjoe!

  1. i hope you are loving your new dream life!xxxx

    • Dream job, not yet dream life – that would involve us being neighbours and having weekly red wine, Rolling Stones & velvet binges ❤
      Email, a big one, on it's way to you TODAY.

  2. And don’t forget about Mr White!

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