I recently discovered Liz, the blonde beauty that writes Late Afternoon, and I am so taken with her distinctive personal style.

It really is seldom that I envy someone else’s style, because I find it an entirely redundant exercise. I’d rather focus on dressing to bring joy into my own life than moon around wishing someone else’s coolness were my own. But this is different. Liz is a hard-to-achieve mix of everyday cool and high fashion.

Many of her outfits incorporate an interesting play on tonality – she’ll take one colour and work it into her look in different ways . Somehow she does it so that it looks really chic, not like she could walk into a motel and blend in with the wallpaper because she’s wearing nothing but moss green or beige from head to toe. I envy this ability of hers. Susie Bubble also does it really well.

Mission for next week: find ways to make my own wardrobe yield a similarly visually appealing result.

PS: That perma-pleat, mid-length, metallic DREAM she’s wearing? It’s vintage YSL. This is a bitter pill for me to swallow.

[The vintage YSL images were taken by Mr Newton. The rest are from Liz’s own blog.]


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