Pop Art Heart

I love these shoes.

Transparent, neon-tipped, turquoise laced, Crayola-cool Oxford brogues. Too cool! They’re the result of a Spring 2011 collaboration between UK shoe brand Alex & Rose and Ground Zero. They look like they’d make walking fun, and the colours are like a gloriously discordant late 80’s symphony. You could almost picture this bold palette executed on one of those free kiddies’ Spur Secret Tribe wallets we all used to love so much.

I love the fringed pair just as much, and they’re so noteworthy that they even inspired Katie from Paperfashion to immortalise them in glitter, watercolour and ink.


4 responses to “Pop Art Heart

  1. Wow! I love the marker sketch! Truly amazing! And up on my Pinterest wall! Go check it out: http://pinterest.com/pin/45525547/

  2. i cant get over this!!! I have to lie down and recover…..

  3. Amazing! Where can they be found?! ❤

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