Crown wishlist

I’m making rather a song and dance of my 25th birthday, because, as you may know, it falls on the 25th of this month. If I weren’t so bloody busy at present, I’d be making an entire week of it (daily Deluxe coffee dreaming, nightly Death by Chocolate Magnums, and perhaps a little confetti here and there)…

For, when else does one get to do self-indulgent things like decorate one’s desk, refer to entire weekends as ‘my weekend’ and entertain the idea of rooms filled with glossy pink helium balloons or surprise cupcakes studded with little marzipan skulls? Indeed.

Amidst all of the outlandish dreaminess (and work) I have found the time to assemble a mini wishlist of locals-only beauties that I feel are crown-birthday-worthy. Note that I’ve kept it local – none of my usual ‘OH look at that Carven collar’ or ‘I’d die for that vintage YSL frock’ nonsense.

Prudent, nê?

1. These silver heart earrings by Ida Elsje are both brash and bashful and I love them.

2. Okay, so this is homeware, but this red Deco-style cabinet from Vamp Furniture is perfection.

3. This look combines two of my favourite things: a well-tailored blouse with sartorial quirk, and one of The Summit’s leather bowties, which I mooned over here and here. The blouse is called the Neptune, and it’s from Selfi.

4. I’ve been gazing longingly at the teardrop mirrors from Dokter & Misses for some time now.

5. These glorious penis print (yes, penis print) linen veldskoene are the result of a collaboration between rebel artiste Beezy Bailey and local cobbler Ninon Louw. I love the colour palette and the irreverent print. I’ve no idea if they’re for sale in real life, but one can dream.

6. The Missibaba Lovely Rita clutch in buttery yellow with tan accents and loop detailing is Indiana Jane perfect.



2 responses to “Crown wishlist

  1. A rather belated Happy Birthday for Saturday.
    I must say that I am not so sure about the penis print – could draw quite a few funny comments from friends and associates – not to mention family that may see you walking by with shoes decorated with penis images.

    • Haha – the print is quite abstract though, not sure you’d be able to identify it unless told! I would definitely wear them.

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