I have a huge crush on Henry Holland.

I follow him on Twitter and he is witty, dark and authentic – not to mention gloriously Flock-of-Seagulls coiffeured and in possesssion of a more potent than average sense of personal style.

The other day I was reading his blog on Vogue and he recounted how he had heard that the Olsen twins utter the word ‘prune’ under their breaths when posing for photos, because it produces the perfect camera-ready smile/pout. Shots taken of HH (henceforth referred to as HRH HH) at the Scottish Fashion Awards show him teaching others ‘the prune’. If you ask me, the man is gold.

The latest in his round of famously iconic and irreverent t-shirts bears the acronym ‘waysb‘: ‘What are you sayin babes?’

Amazing! And that’s not to say his fame is all catchy slogan tees and high street attitude – the man’s got more than his fair share of design talent (and charisma).  A close friend of Agyness Deyn, HH has dressed everyone from M.I.A (whose baby bump he famously made look like an alien ladybird for the MTV Awards) to Kate Nash, Amber Rose and Jade Parfitt.

I just love the stuff House of Holland did for Spring 2011 – it looks like Confetti System and Pom Pom Factory had a sherbert-hued tryst in the middle of the jungle and emerged trailing molten strands, pompom love and intergalactic pleated minis.

An aside:

[Pleats are still huge this season, but I now need mine to be gilded or silvered. This is my third post in two weeks involving metallic pleats… Something must be done! I think it all started here.]


3 responses to “HRH HH

  1. i LURVE him!!! i think he is fab too. can i just say that the first pic of your the model looks, disgusting actually. thats bad – but her legs are terrible, and her face, and she is bone thin on her chest…weird! but great clothes.

  2. I think he is soooo cute tooo! He is definitely one of my crushes too.

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