Crown Jools

Yes, I know, the title of this post is deeply corny, but I couldn’t resist. My post-birthday hangover is to blame.

On Saturday night I celebrated my 25th with a collective a close friends and family over an imperial Indian feast held in my lounge. We were seated on sari-covered cushions around a massive square table dotted with florals, candles and my collection of skulls. Over the course of the evening we partook in numerous Cobra beers (which went down a treat despite initial concerns that they were low in alcohol) and indulged in glorious curries with all the trimmings that make Indian dining so sumptuous and intricate.

I hadn’t planned to dress to theme, but a particularly glamorous black and gold vintage kaftan that had been hanging alongside my Rah Rah Room stock for months won me over at the last minute. I accessorised with an ankle bracelet, a bindi, dark eyes and bare feet and had a bloody wondrous time, frolicking about, catching up with old friends, and munching on homemade onion bhajis. I opted for a nice stiff colonial G&T (or fifteen) and the night ended with some spirited drunken dancing to Fleetwood Mac in the lounge – eyes closed, swaying, singalong style. Perfect.

Together, my friends and family got my some really beautiful, meaningful and 25-worthy gifts. Usually people just give me clothes and jools, because that’s how I roll, but this year’s gifts were really thoughtful, so I’ve decided to share a few with you…

My parents gave me this beauteous chunky Le Creuset pot in ‘Coastal Blue’ – it’s the exact shade of those old enamelled Aga’s and I love it. One of my other favourite things to do is to cook, so this little baby is going to be the belly of many a curry to come.

What a cool mix of things! First mention goes to the White Stripes dvd, which was a gift from Ian and Gabi. I am a diehard Jack White fan and I haven’t yet seen Under Blackpool Lights. I plan to watch it whilst eating some  of that Honest chocolate spread gleaming in the top right corner (a gift from my handsome friend Arnaldo). Nicol gave me the bonbons, along with the crystal that’s resting on top of Jack and Meg. It’s supposed to ward off negativity and the harmful effects of electromagnetic impulses. Fitting, considering I sleep with my Blackberry by my side and work on a computer all day long. It’s really beautiful, metallic and multi-faceted – I plan to attach it to some kind of thong and wear it around my neck, nouveau hippie style.

The bird locket was from Luke and Ruby and I love it. The little brown leather bag has an interesting story. My friend Max and his sister Lulu have started a project to raise funds for a Malawian guy called Fortune who is desperate to get back home. The project is called Fortuneknit, and Max and Lulu are putting their craft skills to the test, making bags and other paraphernalia to help Fortune get home. If you met Max you would know why I am so touched that he completed each stitch in this bag just for me. Although he’s creative he’s not exactly the sewing type, so it really is special. More on Fortuneknit when I have more information.

These Pringle Chelsea boots are pretty much perfect. I have had my eye on them for my months, and finally, sensing desperation, my friends at my old company, Colourworks, saved the day. They’re the colour of dark chocolate, perfectly plain, and have a perversely pointed toe. Coincidentally, I scraped the veneer off the heel of my other old favourites the day before my birthday. Kismet!

Olivia gave me this painting – her mother painted it of her when she was a little girl and I’ve always loved it. She gave me the original to add to my small but growing collection of art and it means so much to me. Her button nose is unmistakable. She also made me this mad, amazing card – a swirl of citrus filled with heartfelt words.

These silky Honest chocolate bonbons from Arnaldo didn’t stand a chance in our apartment. They were with us for about seven minutes before being consumed.

All in all, some great presents from some great people, and this is just a sneak peek. Take a look at the chunkette of floral cake my mom baked for me, too:


2 responses to “Crown Jools

  1. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a fabulous time and got really spoilt 🙂

  2. Le Creuset!!! Le Creuset!!! KATE!!!! Le Creuset!!!!! I am totally jealous! I must say, luckily it was a gift from your wonderful and very smart parents, if not, you would have spent the money on shoes/dresses/belts/bags! It’s funny how I get clothes as gifts and you pots 🙂 I suppose we purchase what we love most for ourselves.

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