Peach Fuzz

Shoes have never really been my thing.

I used to say that they were peripheral to my outfit – that I would prefer if they simply blended in and did their subtle best to not call attention to themselves. This would mean that they would draw attention away from my prance of extraordinary accessories – hats, brooches, scarves, ascots, you name it. When my mom fawned over shoe shop displays I’d give them a cursory glance and head straight for the nearest accessories counter.

My, how things have changed. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that my job now entails a fair amount of desk work, making heel-wearing quite a wondrous and unpunishing reality. Best thing is that I get to admire then on my feet all day, in between cappuccinos, blog reading and emails. And then the mini strut to and from car, or to and from cappuccino haunt: just long enough to turn a few heads, just short enough to remain pleasant. I now spend a lot of time admiring shoes – online, in store windows, on the feet of others. I have a particular penchant for boots with Cuban heels, but anything with a slightly rock edge will also do.

This peachy parade of chunky-heeled beauties is tempting the hell outta me over at the ASOS clearance sale. They are all less than £40 a pair! With rumours of exorbitant customs taxes swirling sly-eyed around the office, I am on the hunt for someone en route to London with space in their luggage for just two little pairs… the tan T-bars and the piglet-pink pair, too.


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