Weekend Special

Lately I’ve been so busy that my blog has been ailing. So much so that when I logged in a moment ago I actually murmured ‘Hello little blog’ under my breath. High times. Every day of the week has morphed into a work day, Saturdays and Sundays included. Luckily, most of the work I get to do is stuff I love – like interviewing interesting people for my friends at Name Your Hood (get voting – submissions open today!), doing ‘research’ in all the latest issues of Vogue, Harper’s and ELLE (a new development) and writing writing writing. The downside is that my blog has been coming last and it really irks me. But! Here is a post, and a nice full one at that.

On Saturday, in between interviews, I had a belated browse at Afraid of Mice on Long Street. I had previously only ogled their wares at the Biscuit Mill, so trawling through their glorious little shop was new to me. I tried on the most epic Marc Jacobs trapeze dress – a monotone, pleated monolith of a frock with the sweetest collar and a dash of talcumy pink. No matter that it made me look like a triangle from the side, I took it off before my fingers went numb at the thought of breaking out the ol’ credit card. R1200 and worth every penny, but not quite what I had budgeted for this month.

I then did a routine prowl through the leather mini section, and zipped myself into a matte black bandeau of a thing with these irresistible leather frills around the hip region. I couldn’t sit down in it, actually, but did briefly contemplate buying it simply so no one else could have it. I had tried it on with a slouchy Christopher Strong crop top just for effect, and this was the item that I actually ended up leaving with. Recently I have found myself longing for something in this very shape – super drapy, roomy and perfect for over fitted dresses and minis by night. It’s also my first Christopher Strong purchase! Lately I have been questioning the lack of local produce in my wardrobe, so it made me feel good to add something Suid Afrikaans to it so soon.

Afraid of Mice owner Simone Brandi and her sister, Bianca, are also avid vintage lovers, so we had a brief pow wow about how difficult it is to find quality vintage in South Africa. Bianca is currently in Seattle hunting for more treasures for their collection, but as soon as she is back I am going to interview the sisters and find out more about their love of vintage. Vintage snobs unite!

I wore my new Christopher Strong acquisition out that very night, and paired it with my own black leather mini, a vintage Hermes scarf threaded through some loops from my favourite shongololo necklace (latest obsession), black stockings, and Chelsea boots with anklets.

Excuse the wrinkled facade – these pictures were actually taken the morning after (after meaning after a night that included lots of grooving to a mini New Wave marathon at Fiction, late night carrot cake, and some interesting characters along the way…) The photos of me in the actual outfit were taken on the night, and you will note that my new Blackberry cover has taken to producing an interesting trademark rosy glow – almost like a DIY fishbowl. Bubblegum hipster!

The bext thing about wearing this top all night, was the fact that the back is actually quite short, leading to alluring (and cooling) flashes of back and waist when one leans on bars and the like. A couple of times I was hugged hello and people got more than they bargained for – a hug against bare skin. Quite unexpected in a club in the middle of Winter, I suppose, but I like the contrast of being so covered up, but for a small flash of skin. Baring the midriff is really not my thing (my penchant for showing a little leg is, however, well documented), but showing a little curve of back was actually quite liberating.


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  1. Great post, love your writing (“.)

    Mini is amazing whole outfit is effortless is wonderful 🙂


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