Ready? Okay! CTFW Cheer.

Today begins my first experience of AFI Cape Town Fashion Week ever. Well, actually, today begins my first experience of any fashion week ever. How quaint? Thanks to both this here blog and 36Boutiques (my new place of employment, in fashion, no less) I am lucky enough to be attending some amazing shows this week. (I’d like to thank my long-suffering sidekick/confidante Olivia, Woolworths Italian blend coffee grounds and YOU, for reading my ramblings, rants and rhapsodies).

I had wanted to do a post about my idea of what might constitute fashion week essentials, but in the midst of a busy week I have run out of time. One would think that someone who has level 5 fashion crises as often as me would have stockpiled a veritable mountain of potentials for the week, but that’s not really the case. I have devised a loose capsule collection of basic statement pieces – lots of leather and black with a mix of rock ‘n roll and Mod Squad touches, bright lips and some serious height (see footwear lined up and ready to roll above). To me, edgy leather, tons of black, towering heels and a healthy sense of curiosity along with some interesting accessories will always equal fashion. I may slip in a little vintage homage/some mad colour somewhere along the line, and I am going to try and keep it as local as possible.

If you are also going to be at CTFW, you should try to do the local thang too, because there is going to be something called a Woza Wall there. Wear local to CTFW, pop by the Woza Wall, have your pic taken, and get 20% off your next Mememe purchase. Cool huh? I spy a shortcut to the navy hoop skirt with the snowy white piping along the hemline that I spotted when I was browsing there last.

Follow my tweets and 36Boutiques for street style snippets, catwalk commentary and other oddities over the next three days.


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