Collar Kit


I spotted these retro collar tips in the latest ASOS magazine, and they led me on a little collarific journey past leather Peter Pans, lacy bow ties and embellished velvets. The collar tips are my favourite – they lend a real air of Dallas-style suaveness.

They’re the ideal size for postage, wouldn’t you say? Or for stashing in one’s luggage en route to Cape Town, for a blinding reveal upon arrival… London friends take note!


5 responses to “Collar Kit

  1. Wow wow wow!

  2. I could never pull this off but they look great! (:

  3. be patient.. delivery is free of charge in germany..

    • Aaaah! I’m not sure you realise how lucky you are in that regard! Let’s talk 😉 I have an SA gem lined up to send you, just trying to find the best way to go about it!

  4. An ingenious invention! I’m so going to hunt something like this down. Or DIY it and hopefully it does not fail. Great post once again

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