The Big Schmooze

So this is me at fashion week.

I tried to plan ahead and be organised with my outfits, but the reality was that I finished work at 5pm each day (the Saturday included) and had to be at the first shows at 6pm. For a girl that takes minimum an hour to get dressed on a normal day, let alone for fashion week, it was actually quite comedic. I was literally forced to hot step it. I applied liquid eyeliner in traffic, signed in to Über Tweet en route, and arrived with my media pass slung hastily around my neck, ankles not quite ready for three days of my highest heels.

The champagne helped. And so did the shows, which were a revelation for me. A lot has been said about all of them already, so I won’t be doing a show report or anything like that. It was my first ever fashion week, so I am choosing to absorb, rather than comment. If you’re interested in the trends that emerged at Fashion Week, check out the show reviews I did on the 36Boutiques Tumblr, along with streetstyle from the week and other colourful snippets.

The outfits: I was in such a rush on the first night, that I didn’t manage to photograph my outfit. I wore my vintage DVF mini, with a vintage Habits top (in honour of the Habits show), a vintage Hermes scarf, my Depeche Mode jacket with the exaggerated shoulders, and bondagey heels. Not reinventing the wheel or anything, so I’m kinda happy that the outfits I can show you are actually more creative than that.

The vintage dappled shift is one of my favourites. The combination of geometry, ruffle and full sleeves is irresistible and I truly have never seen anything else like it. I braved my Topshop platforms and it was actually worth it, because a local mag stopped me to photograph my accessories in detail (will share the link when it is up).

The Saturday night was, of course, the piece de resistance. The eponymous beauty I have on loan attracted lots of admiring glances (and a streetstyle snap by the one and only Skattie), and I added a little edge with socks under bondage heels, and my vintage velvet amazingness. I took the cue for my Heidi-esque hairdo from the exaggerated shape of the dress paired with the glorious pouf of the velveteen shoulders.

There were truly some amazing vintage outfits at fashion week. It renewed my belief that you can’t beat a stand out vintage piece, and that it will always, always trump a run of the mill off-the-rack piece.

Images courtesy of 36Boutiques


4 responses to “The Big Schmooze

  1. you looked so cute in both outfits

  2. You really looked stunning in both outfits but my vote goes with the first. The gamble on the Top Shop platforms paid off – they really add a great touch to the outfit. BTW love the bag.

    • Thank you! The bag is one of my favourite things in the world. Never fails to draw attention to itseld – someone recently suggested I should unzip the top and walk around with a bottle of wine peeping out. You stay classy! x

  3. You looked great 🙂
    I wore vintage to every single show I went to at CTFW.

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