City Bowl Market finds

I ventured to the City Bowl Market this weekend along with all the other vintage and treat hunters. The fashion section was set up upstairs (conveniently located alongside the bar) and featured a mix of vintage, jools and some new stuff, too. My sole vexation was that they had Jack Johnson on repeat, which distracted me whilst rifling through the leather clutches and nerdy jerseys.

[On that note, I must say that I think people are getting a little confused in the throes of the dorky reindeer jumper fad. There are still standards to be upheld, and it is certainly not a case of the uglier the better. That attitude towards vintage really irritates me. I am not quite ironic enough to don a Bill Cosby jumper and call it style. Be that as it may, there was a broad range of said jerseys on display at the market, so if that’s your bag, then get in line.]

Have a look at the gems I spied and bought:

A well-worn, woven red leather clutch with a handy wristlet – ideal for dangling when in crowded spaces (dancefloors, markets, gigs, etc). I love red accessories.

My first Vamp purchase – a vintage navy chiffon pussybow blouse with dainty white polka dots. It looks black in the picture, but it really is navy. I think it’s going to be the perfect addition to my work wardrobe.


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