In the Hall with the Candlestick

I am delighted to give you a first look at the great shoot that Alix-Rose Cowie(photographer) and Kate Desmarais (stylist) did this weekend featuring some of my Rah-Rah Room gems. As always, just in time for my sale, Kate and Alix pulled something so Rah-Rah out of the bag: charming, quirky, meaningful and enchanting.

Shot on location at the oh-so-cool girl’s res, Spes Bona, the story was subtly informed by the characters and guises in the classic game, Cluedo. Spes Bona was perfect. Model Lala Quail, with her minx-like bangs and arresting gaze was the perfect subject. As Reverend Green in the Dining Room, Mrs Peacock in the Reception Hall and Mrs White in the Conservatory, she rocked it.

Thank you to Michael Tymbios for the perfect cover page, and to Spes Bona for having us. Thank you, as always, to Kate and Alix for having great vision and for making things fun and having great taste.

Join Teresa Dalton of the The Spice Studio and I at Blonde this Saturday from 1 until 6pm – the gems in this shoot will be on sale!


5 responses to “In the Hall with the Candlestick

  1. You have made Spes Bona look quite fancy 😉

    • It’s got that real all-girl’s res appeal, but with extra charm. They have the most extensive collection of oldschool videos I have seen in years! And an exquisite entrance hall.

  2. Great shoot!

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