Charlotte Linton

My luxury scarf addiction is officially out of control.

But can you blame me? Charlotte Linton is a print designer and fashion writer based in London and I love her scarves.

Charlotte’s story is so enchanting. Her muse is a fictional character called Ermantrude, whose adventures around the globe she illustrates. The Himalayas, Madagascar, Japan: Ermantrude explores, and Charlotte’s scarves follow. In this way, she creates a narrative for each scarf and the journey taken to produce the story behind its specfic print.



Charlotte has produced prints for the likes of Paul Smith, Hussein Chayalan and Oasis. She studied Fashion Prints and Printed Textiles at Central Saint Martins and The Royal College of Art. It is no wonder that each scarf is a work of art with a thought-provoking title to boot. I love the unusual ways that they are styled in her lookbooks, and the fact that they are extra large and luxe.

Autumn / Winter 2011


Spring / Summer 2011




7 responses to “Charlotte Linton

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  2. I LOVE this post Kate so awesome xxx

  3. Beautiful! I love the length! I love the colours! I want one so badly now 😦

  4. Beautiful! Really, really beautiful! This is really my kinda thing. Lusting after one…

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  7. I love the scarf/hair combo. how’d you do it? beautiful. yes, I can see how this scarf thing developed. 😉

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