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Gimme Bling.

Happy birthday to you / Happy birthday to you / Happy birthday dear blogette / Happy birthday to you.

Today The Pessimiss is one year old exactly!

And what do we do on birthdays? We celebrate. I happen to be a self-confessed birthday lover. No it’s-my-party-and-I’ll-cry-if-I-want-to’s for me. No. I celebrate in advance, celebrate post-date, and celebrate on the day. And my favourite gifts always involve some kind of adornment, usually bling, or headpieces, or platforms, or boots.

And so, in this fine tradition, that is what The Pessimiss will get… embellishment, adornment, bling! Last week I sat down with a designer and a developer to brief them on the birthday present. You will soon lay your eyes on my actual vision for this blog – the way I have seen it all along. You may have noticed my content gradually changing over time – still a little sardonic this ‘n that here ‘n there, but a little more serious, a little more visual, and a lot more consistent. The new visage will, in line with this, come with the kind of content that we all want to share – well-researched, inspiring and rare.

I can’t wait!

PS: Why the rollerskates and confetti and stuff? Why not? It’s ma birfday!

Confetti by Confetti System, rollerskates by Moxi


The Adventures of Ermantrude

My recent discovery and post on textile savant Charlotte Linton has been blogged and reblogged (thanks to the lovely local Miss Moss), so I thought I’d go a little deeper into the story behind Charlotte’s exotic, whimsical prints. The narrative behind her many prints really comes to life in her finely illustrated and painted figures, creatures and other imaginings.

Inspired by antique imagery of naturalists and narratives of colonial exploration (including references as diverse as Hergé’s The Adventures of Tin Tin and archive papers held at the London Zoological Society), Charlotte invented her own fictional muse, Ermantrude. An eccentric zoologist travelling the globe in the earlier part of the 20th century, Ermantrude has a suitably tropical and inspired wardrobe to accompany her on her travels.
Each of Charlotte’s collections is based around Ermantrude’s wardrobe. Mixing cultures and era seamlessly, Charlotte’s aesthetic is tempered with vibrant, eclectic prints that tell of Ermantrude’s many travels.

In Charlotte’s own words, ‘Emphasis is put on practicality and simple cuts enabling the garments to carry eclectic prints that have an ingrained narrative. As the wardrobe of an adventurous young academic, they must be practical, stylish and essential.

Charlotte’s Summer 2010 collection is, I think, perfect for our upcoming Summer. Jaunty ethnic and anthropological prints, vivid colour and easy, glamorous shapes. These print dresses look fit for an urban savannah priestess with a hipflask in her pocket and a compass in her hand.

Follow Ermantrude’s travels here.

I Love Alber Elbaz

My BFF sent me this link to Lanvin’s Fall 2011 promo video. And it’s epic.

Rhythmless, deadpan models in gloriously bouffant party frocks, and an Elbaz cameo at the end? Fashion not taking itself too seriously.


Girl Crush: Binki Shapiro

Usually I’m not that into these waify, Boho types, but there’s something about Binki Shapiro, girlfriend of the irresistible Fab Moretti of The Strokes, multi instrumentalist in indie band, Little Joy, that makes me want to pick up my bass guitar all over again and head for the hills, floral wreath resting on my locks.

Photo by unknown and illustration by I’ve lost my muchness

Shot looking oh so sultry with Fabrizio by Serge Leblon for ELLE.

Shot by Refinery29 at home in New York.

And finally, to sum it all up, Binki photographed by Jeremy Liebman.

Check out Binki’s cool feature on the Madewell site. I love the little video clips, her compass pendant, and the triangle she wears around her neck along with those epic Madewell jeans. I could really do me a pair of those skinny skinnies.

Girl Thang

I want this ‘Girl Thing’ necklace by Tom Binns so bad.

It positively radiates anti-feminist feminism. Aint that the best kind?

Day Glo

Loving these candy tinted images of Summer girls by Shae Acopian Detar – they remind me of the candy-striped garden chairs that everyone had round their pools in the late 80’s.

And that makes me think of Dairy Maid ice lollies, fringed pool dresses dripping neon beads, and the cut-out bathing costumes my mom wouldn’t let me near.

Even in the 80’s my mom knew they were too 80’s.

See more of Detar’s luminous work here.


I, along with the rest of the girls born in the late 80’s (and thus privy to a spate of late 90’s/early 00’s Kirsten Dunst films like Jumanji, Bring it On, The Virgin Suicides and Strike!), am a huge Miss Dunst fan.

I stumbled upon the trailer for Melancholia on Youtube yesterday and I cannot wait to see it. Fluttery frocks, perfect tee’s, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Charlotte Rampling and the apocalypse? Ticks all the boxes for moi.