The New

This weekend was our Rah-Rah Room / Spice Studio sale. From 1 until 6pm we welcomed a steady stream of girls with glasses of wine, good music and black balloons. Of course I couldn’t quite manage to just sell clothes, and I also had to buy something.

Well, two things. Two delightful, colourful, Springtime flings!

The first thing I surrendered to was this acid green silk top with black rosettes. It’s cropped, transparent and has an interesting thing going on at the back. I plan to wear it with my vintage black perma pleat skirt and a black bra. Some people have a problem with  showing a little brassiere, but it doesn’t fall into my jurisdiction. My stance is akin to Carrie Bradshaw’s thoughts on bra straps and the like in Sex and the City.

My second purchase was one that lingered with me all day. The scalloped hem and lilacy ruffles had me at the word go but I waited to see if anyone would snap it up. I knew at first glance that it would fit me better than anyone else. At 4pm I allowed myself to take it off the rack and slip it on. Fate! I wore it to French Toast for dinner on Saturday night with my red leather City Bowl Market find, Chelsea boots and my ol’ faithful leather pouf sleeve bolero.

All in all, a good day. Teresa and I will be hosting another sale later in the year, so keep an eye out. Until then, The Rah-Rah Room will resume as regular.


3 responses to “The New

  1. I’m so chuffed with my purchases – crochette shirt, black fitted jacket and jigsaw skirt! Thank you Kate and Theresa.

  2. The colour of the dress is amazing! Think it’s the one I saw you in the other night? Huge envy. It’s beautiful.

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