New Thangs

I spent this weekend in the Garden Route, taking in some winter sun, spending quality time with my family, and doing things like getting down to live music alongside a river by night, braai’ing and acting like a local.

Being back home makes me think about living a simpler existence – Blackberry and laptop at further than arm’s length, a whole lot more space to breathe, and the possibility of unplanned days.

Of course, the city beckons to me sooner or later, but the idea does linger. As always, I managed to pick up a few keepsakes while I was in town.

This almost-garish parrot necklace plays pretty well, I think, into the Club Tropicana-esque trend of banana mania that is soon to hit our shores. It reminds me of a pair of earrings my mom used to wear in the 80’s, and I have already had three people say to me, ‘Hey! My mom has a pair of parrot earrings just like that!’ Clearly, few escaped the original Club Tropicana trend.

I also popped in at Knysna’a newly revamped Mr Price and left with these maroon embossed leggings/tights. They’re quite hard to classify, but I envision them with a pair of ankle boots and a roomy blouse. I am usually a real snob, and seldom shop at Mr P, but I am seriously impressed with their buying of late, as well as with their general marketing and forward-thinking approach to fashion. My mom’s advice to ‘never buy anything printed from a chain store’ remains emblazoned across the back of my mind, but I forge onwards!

I hope you had a great long weekend (if you dared to take Monday off), as well as a cool and relaxing Woman’s Day. x


3 responses to “New Thangs

  1. I too am proud to say that I had earrings like that parrot too 🙂

  2. haha! snob… I love Mr.Price but yes, if I could, I would make Country Road my main stop (or better…) love the necklace! It’s sings coolness.

    • Trust me, this snobbery is a terrible affliction. But I have been known to revel in things that are also totally cheap and junky, provided they are in combination with something snob-level… Haha 😉

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