My friend Ian, himself a most dapper dresser, sent me a link to this Belgian knitwear brand with the comment that ‘I can’t not like it’.

Why? Because it’s my namesake. I am still yet to meet another Chauncey, although I know they’re dotted eccentrically around the world. My unusual surname has caused raised eyebrows, strange nicknames and even stranger pronunications my entire life. Even so, I’ve always loved it. As long as you don’t call me ‘Chaunce’, we’ll get along just fine (my friends know this well).

The design lovechild of knitwear designer Nathalie Bouhana and her photographer partner, David Sdika, Chauncey has recently grown to include a womenswear range in time for Fall/Winter. I struggled to find large enough images of the girls garb, but I think the menswear will suffice, don’t you?

Nathalie previously designed knitwear for the likes of Hermes, Ferragamo and Gaultier, which explains her interest in luxury knits. They describe the label as:

Creative, minimalist but exclusive, Chauncey prides itself on European craftsmanship/ No eccentricity but modern design/ Extreme precision and the highest quality yarns and manufacturers/ An ‘elegant gentleman traveler’ look with a slice of Belgian surrealism.

I love the subtle sartorial detailing they include on elbows, the extra fine cableknits and the offbeat palette. Bring me a boy in a polka dot jumper already!


5 responses to “CHAUNCEY

  1. OMG – and I can see Tyler in every single item!

  2. Wow, love the designs. Both the knitwear and those slightly metallic pants are wicked. Great find!

  3. I think my boyf could use a grey cardigan

  4. Hi Chauncey, nice comments and hope you will like the womenswear SS12 coming …i will for sure send you a look book very soon ;…kind regards , Nathalie

    • Hey Nathalie, thanks for getting in touch. I am sure I will love the womenswear range! I am a big fan of witty, well made knitwear. I’d love to see the lookbook when it’s out – mail me at


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