Hello, Lover

My friend Gabi just returned from an absolute pillage in London. She says she spent the entire duration of her stay on Oxford Street, and quite frankly, I’m a little scared to view her purchases. The girl got style, and I’m not sure I can handle the envy.

There are three little things that might take the edge off, though. Gabi knew how desperately I wanted a pair of collar tips and generously consented to a small ASOS delivery to her address in London, which she would then bring back for me. Of course, me being me, I got entirely seduced and landed up taking a chance and ordering three things substantially larger than those teensy tips.

So large, and so brazen, in fact, that she was forced to leave one behind! That’s what you get for being a wanton sneak, I suppose. Visits to London are invariably beset with “oh can you stop at Marks and Sparks for me’s” and “won’t you pop in at the post office’s”, when all you really want to do is take up residence at Topshop with a Frio in your left hand and your right, free to roam.

In any case, this glorious flutter of a kimono blouse and my very first playsuit are officially in the country, with the piece de resistance, the golden tassel bag, following suit shortly.

Some of you may remember my anti-playsuit crusade some time ago, where I ranted about them not being fit for grown women, and making one look like some kind of a Brownies cult member, etcetera.

I am forced to eat my words (this does not happen often, just ask my friend Olivia). I have come round to the idea, and I couldn’t quite resist the cut-out detail on the back, nor the feminine 70’s inspired shape. Here’s hoping it looks as slinky on!


2 responses to “Hello, Lover

  1. Love the purse, the looks are very nice too

  2. that blouse is the business. proper jealous.

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