Thunder in our Hearts










Thunder in our Hearts is a completely epic  blog written by Amber Jones – she of Mr Price and Wisdom & Youth fame, and similar bold neckpiece addiction and flamboyance. Amber’s choice content and intuitive curation is enough to assure me that we’d be firm friends if we ever met in person.

I was stoked (there really is no better word) when she got in touch and asked me to contribute to her 15 Things – a regular post featuring local fashion lovers and creatives from around the country. 15 things is rather a lot to come up with when asked, because you really do want to produce a list that is well rounded, interesting and not too familiar. As in, people go ‘oh, that old chestnut’ when they read it. My list subsequently includes things like local boys, acoustic versions of  Justice’s D.A.N.C.E. and gangsta chain. I hope you like it.

Alix-Rose Cowie did me a solid, as they say, and took some pictures of me over the weekend so that I was not forced to send Amber any corny Facebook-style shots. Alix did her best to unawkwardize me, and I am really happy with the results, some of which were taken in front of this gothic fiesta shrine that we erected above my bed. I liked it so much that it’s still there. Alix is amazing ❤


4 responses to “Thunder in our Hearts

  1. Great trousers Kate!

  2. Must say that I love the top and the great wooden chain – really looks good.

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