Print Paradise

The summer season is set to be a riot of crazy Club Tropicana-esque printsPrada bananas, Chloe citrus and McCartney‘s Honolulu-holiday sophistication.

Add to that Josh Goot‘s nod to atmospheric digitalism – celestial paint splashes and all – and Mary Katrantzou‘s trippy, hypperreal friezes, and you’ve got a round up of truly revolutionary prints.

So long, Breton, and hello big, bold colour-on-colour stripes. Dainty monotone polka dots, demure Parisian stripes and polite ditsy prints are a thing of the past – and I love it.

It got me thinking about so-called traditional prints. The argyles, houndstooths and tartans of this world. Even though they’ve been around since our mom’s were dressing us in pinafores, they’ve retained their history, to a degree that they are now reinterpreted, time and time again, in ways that both emphasize and contradict their heritage.

Take the resurgence of plaid as a staple over the last few years. Previously relegated to the backs of cupboards, plaid flannel shirts were dredged up, and vintage stores couldn’t (and still can’t) keep up with the demand for the shirt that Kurt himself loved so dearly. Houndstooth, too, experienced a comeback as a punk staple at the hands of style icons like Gwen Stefani. It has since become passé again, but I have no doubt it will be resurrected in the hands of forward thinking designers paying homage to the past.

In the interim, let’s embrace this new school of print rebels. My ultimate would be a Katrantzou mini, but I’ll have to concede that finding something even vaguely as detailed and refined in my price range is dreamin’ (The Castle reference). Stella’s popsicle stripes and Josh’s neo-nuclear blossoms would also suit me just fine.

Of course.

Images: 1. Prada SS 11 2. Street FSN 3 & 4. Josh Goot SS 11 5. Chloe SS 11 6. Stella McCartney Resort 2012 7. Mary Katrantzou


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